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ALFISO Ladle Carrier

ALFISO ladle carrier is transfering ladle for molten aluminium handling in high pressure die casting plant, to replace the heavy cast-iron ladle, provides low weight, excellent thermal insulation and non-wetting properties. The steel basket inside make the ladle carrier strong enough to hold and transfer necessary molten aluminium from melting furnace to holding furnace for casting.

The corrosion which can be mainly observed with metal ladle, does not occur with vacuum formed ceramic fiber ladle carrier. The loss of temperature is only approx. 5℃. As standard, before delivery a coating is applied to all ladle carriers, which is also suitable for very saline alloys.

Ceramic fiber ladle carriers are available to be repaired with our mastic APO50/100

Standard Ladles: 25kg, 40kg, 60kg, 80kg 




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