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ALFISO Front Panel System - for furnace maintenance and upgrade!

Due to the constantly increasing working temperatures which are reaching fiber modules application limits, and
hazardous atmospheres in furnaces accelerate the damaging of the lining.  The exterior wall temperature rises with industrial furnaces where the entire insulating layer has been significantly reduced by high temperature, chemical attack or mechanical destruction. The furnaces have to be stopped long time for changing the lining with new modules.

Some companies operate existing industrial furnaces at higher temperatures than originally set forth when they change products or technologies, the module lining of the furnaces may not meet the higher temperature, it has to be replaced with higher grade fiber modules with much higher cost.

Now, the solution become simple and cheaper, with our rehabilitation system of vacuum-formed, prefired front panels, which can be installed directly onto the existing module wall using ceramic anchors (applicable up to 1700°C). Depending on operating temperature and operating conditions, front panels with different classification temperatures up to 1800 °C. These front plates ensure that the module lining behind are not exposed to higher temperatures than its limit.

Some other areas of application are the assembling front plates of bio-soluble fibers or the new (fiber-free) vacuum-formed material on existing ceramic fiber modules. TRGS 521,i.e.the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances, published in May 2002 in Technische Regeln fur Gefahrenstoffe - Bundesarbeitsblatt 5/2002(Germany),states that products should be selected to keep the release of fiber dusts as low as possible. The ceramic fibers are needled, but not bonded to one another in blankets or modules. The current issue of TRGS 521 recommends using the pre-packaged products, molded pieces or products with a favorable dusting behavior (from bound fibers). All 3 conditions are satisfied by the front plate system depending upon fiber quality or surface treatment .The requirements of TRGS 521 are not only satisfied by encapsulating module insulation with the appropriate pre-treated/pre-heated vacuum-formed front plates, it also creates an additional form of energy-saving insulation.


Instead of completely new lining with long shutdown times and high cost, the front panel system allows for an economically durable rehabilitation.
The possibility of being able to select from different fiber qualities (also bio-soluble fibers).



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