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ISOTEKCeramic Fibers

ISOTEK ceramic fibers are lightweight insulating products made from high quality raw materials, which are eletro-melted, fiberized by spun or blown process. The fibers offer high temperature resistance, superior insulating performance, flexibility, resilience, resisting most chemical attack except hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acids and strong alkalies. The sound absorption capabilities of the fibers are much better than other refractories.

Classification Temperature    1260°C, 1400°C, 1430°C, 1500°C


Low shot content
Low thermal conductivity
Resistance to thermal shock
Resistance to high temperature
Resistance to chemical attack
Good sound absorption



Bulk spun fiber with or without lubricant
Bulk blown fiber without lubricant
Chopped fiber
Chopped and washed fiber


Kiln car fill
Chimney fill
Ceramic kiln roller fill
Filtration media
Expansion joint packing
Board, paper, shapes, textile production 

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