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ALFISO Bio Soluble Fiber Board

ALFISO Bio Soluble Fiber Board is manufactured from unique vitreous fiber which has very high solubility in body fluids, hence has no hazard classification. With ALFISO's advanced vacuum forming technology, Alfiso Bio Soluble fiber board provides excellent thermal insulation and high compressive strength.

The boards can be easy to saw, drill and die-cut, additional hardness and strength can be reached with post treatments. 

Classification Temperature     1100°C
Density: 300kg/m3


Low shot content
Environmental friendly
Low thermal conductivity
Resistance to high temperature
Good flexural and compressive strength 
Close tolerance with excellent surface finish
Easy to cut, drill or saw




Thickness: 5-125mm
Dimension: 900 x 600mm, 1000 x 600mm,
                     1200 x 1000mm

Post Treatments

DN: Dried Normal
SH: Surface hardened
CH: Completely hardened
FN: Fired
FS: Fired and surface hardened
 FC: Fired and completely hardened


Boiler insulation
Chimney lining
Fire protection
Heater insulation
Wood burning stove 
Domestic cooker insulation
Fire door infill
Hot gas duct linings
Launder insulation
Fire protection systems
Expansion joint material

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