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ISOTEK Bonded Module

ISOTEK Bonded Modules are produced from ceramic fibers, designed specially for improvement of the thermal insulation of existing industrial furnaces by cementing them on the hot face of other refractories.

ISOTEK CZ and CC quality bonded modules are made from blanket strips, and MX quality is made from felt strips composed of polycrystalline fibers and high alumina fiber, edge-stacked and bonded together

Classification Temperature     1430°C, 1500°C, 1600°C
Density: 170-210kg/m3


Excellent thermal and physical stability
Low thermal conductivity
Low heat storage
Excellent corrosion resistance
Faster temperature cycling
Improves furnace efficiency without replacing a  serviceable refractory lining


300 x 300 x (30-100)mm



Reheating furnaces
Heat treatment furnaces
Ladle cover
Forge furnaces
Tunnel kilns


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